Criminal Intents / Morning Star (Unlimited Edition)

by Dope Stars Inc.



"Neuromantics and future dreamers.

A new chapter of hardwired euphoria and vicious disintegration. In the world machine, outlaw technologists fighting for the grid conquest in the underground of the urban sprawl. Megacorps and infonomics rising, synthesized cults spreading digital disease. Just few rules to follow:

Wear technologies, get addicted to it, adore the machine and enter the matrix of beauty and decay. Ready for the next netrip, hunting the next node.

Powered are are our gears, overdriven is our core.

We are the children of the zero and one.
Pure nuclear drive for digital warriors.

We are all survivors in the world machine.
We are Dope Stars Incorporated."


released August 21, 2015

Originally released on 21 April 2009.
This edition include the bonus tracks & digital artwork (insert and digipak panels) of the Japanese edition + the standard digital booklet.



all rights reserved



Dope Stars Inc. Roma, Italy

A brand new dirty vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery. Adore the future. Worship revolution.

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Track Name: Criminal Intents
And all it sounds so great
Holocaust date
Is not a late coming fate
It's a call for radical shock
Fighting for the rest
The serial is now cracked

The's a mist of fury I feel
Living in tears
Is no more a novelty
It's the last hijack
To hope to bless
To score, you know they suck

My criminal intents
Above the rage I feel
Above all the lies and tears
My criminal intents
Will show the truth you fear
The giant we all bear

You call 'em outlaw rats
Digital gangs
But what you don't understand
It's a new paralysis brand
Freedom is dead
Ethereal fainting fact

There's no gold no reason to steal
Nothing is real
The system will just conceal
It's a place for silicon threats
Silicon codes and silicon hunter hacks

It's the last hijack
To hope to cure
The world and get it fucking back

My criminal intents
Above all the rage I feel
Above all the lies and tears
My criminal intents
Will show a world of fear
The illusion now is clear

My criminal intents
Will save you all my dear
So open now your ears
My criminal intents
Will break the mainframe spear
That's killing all your dear
Track Name: Digital Warriors
We are the ones who ride the edge
We have no boundaries to defend
We are a nuclear drive of viral strength

We are the offspring of a dream
We have to fight and we can win
We own the sharpest weapons of the grid

We are the punks
We are the first
We are the drill
And thousands are the holes
Where we can find a trick

Because we are
We are the digital warriors
We are the children of the zero and one

We are the ones who rule the web
We have nobody who commands
Among the bits and bytes we roam we dwell

We are the core we are the stream
In endless bytes we own light speed
We have the fastest weapons of this eve

We are the punks
We are the weird
We are the shit
And all around the globe
We are gonna make a blitz

Because we are
We are the digital warriors
And underground we are gonna kill the sys

We are the punks
We are a twist
We are a kiss
Who's gonna make a blitz
And win the rights we need
Track Name: Morning Star
Killers on earth
Covered of dirt
Today are marching through

Nothing is new
Payment is due
And fears are coming true

Across the mess
Left is the quest
All I can tell you dude

No more abuse
Nothing is left to use

Living for dope
Visions o' lore
Slavering children crews

Chemical broods
Living suburbs
Drinkin' a ragin' brew

This world is a nest
Growing too fast
All I can tell you dude

Join me to cruise
Hunting the silent woods

Looking above the sky is turning red
No times have been so dark despite the blazes
I cross the shores, the soil for thousand days
Where the air is clear I know it's something rare
No more regret or time to think about
No more to fear cause now is the latest round
And then a morning star will lead us all
Into the labyrinth for another fall
Track Name: Nothing Is Left
Dope Stars Inc. - Nothing Is Left Lyrics
Artist: Dope Stars Inc.
Album: Criminal Intents / Morning Star
Genre: Rock
Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it.
RIFF-it good.
Listen while you read!
See what I told you are all my thoughts
Yelling all that, blasting the throat
Yeah I can see there's no chance to hope
I need some rest
I need some load
Now what the fuck have you got with me
should I start to howl
Should I start to scream
Nothing can change in your eyes I know
Leaving all that fuck'up in a row

It's just a cloak
A ridiculous act
No more than a show
I cannot forget
I'm close to explode
I really forgot
This life is a joke
Nothing to trust

Nothing is left to know to hope
Nothing is left to say to grow
Nothing is left to know to hope
Nothing is left bus nothing is gone

Hey what I told you is just my thought
Keep it like that, [but] it's not a joke
Yeah I can't stand when you have to crawl
To understand
Respect your role
Now what the fuck have you got with me
All is foregone
All is just sealed
No one can change what I think, you know
All is just black
All is just gone

Today I've written all my wishes
Waiting to get 'em unfolded
To say, to state, to stop
All my screams
Giving a chance to grow
And fuck it forever
Giving a chance to grow
It's told
SO let's put on a stone
The time is set to go

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